Transcript Notation

Cal Poly considers service to the off-campus community to be an important part of a student's education while attending the University. Therefore, we are pleased to recognize student community service participation by noting it on the student's official University transcript.

To qualify for a notation, you must have completed a minimum of 150 hours of service verified by a supervisor at the organization where you worked or by a Cal Poly faculty member. While Cal Poly recognizes that occasionally students start their own community service programs, and applauds their efforts, these activities cannot be placed on transcripts. Your service must have been performed off campus under the supervision of a non-profit community OR governmental human service agency OR a Cal Poly faculty member OR a Cal Poly Community Service Coordinator/Advisor. It also must have been undertaken during the time you are enrolled at Cal Poly, including holidays, quarter breaks, summers, and any University recognized leave.

For the purpose of the Transcript Notation program, community service is that which contributes to the quality of life for individuals and groups off campus at the local, state, national or international level who are in need of assistance. It is work or service performed either voluntarily or for academic credit through non-profit, governmental, and community-based organizations or K-12 schools. In general, the work of service should provide you with experience working directly with people or in project planning.

More specifically, categories of community service activities include those undertaken through:

  • Major-related experiential programs (i.e. fieldwork, senior projects, special problems or independent studies)
  • Class related projects
  • Independent individual volunteer service activities
  • Student organization service projects including, but not limited to, those sponsored by Student Community Services, the Center for Service in Action at Cal Poly, residence halls, fraternities and sororities, Newman Catholic Fellowship, academically-related and special interest clubs
  • Work conducted through academically-related centers (e.g. the Center for Practical Politics, the Counseling and Guidance clinic, etc.)
  • Programs co-sponsored with non-profit community organizations
  • Programs co-sponsored with private businesses for the benefit of needy people in the community

Again, all these types of endeavors must provide service to the off-campus community. Please note that you can apply for notation only once. Updates will not be possible. The application must be made at least one month prior to graduationRemember: Service to Cal Poly State University does not qualify for the purpose of the transcript notation. If you have any questions about whether or not service you have performed in the past, or service you are planning to perform, meets transcript notation criteria, please contact the Cal Poly's Center for Service in Action, Building 113 (Sierra Madre) room L119 at (805) 756-7625.

Here is the link to download the Transcript Notation form.

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