Previous Community Service Awards


Name Honor
Jude Weakley Significant Contribution - Student
Hack4Impact Significant Contribution - Student Organization
Courtney Kienow Significant Contribution - Staff
Kim Andridge Significant Contribution - Faculty
Elizabeth Wegley & Anthony Fernandez Service Learning - Student Team
Sigma Kappa Greek Community Contribution
Katie Lynch AmeriCorps Member of the Year
Vitalant Outstanding Community Partner
SLO Parks & Rec. Youth Services and CP EIM Dept. Outstanding Campus/Community Collaboration


Name Honor
Isabell Chavez & William Andrews Significant Contribution – Student Team
Alpha Phi Omega

Significant Contribution – Student Organization

Ryan Alaniz Significant Contribution – Faculty
Brian Self

Service Learning – Faculty

Audre Smikle

AmeriCorps Member of the Year

SLO Food Bank & Cal Poly Food Pantry

Outstanding Campus-Community Collaboration

Hospice SLO Outstanding Community Partner


Name Honor
Daisy Gonzalez Service Learning - Student Team
Austin Jones

Service Learning - Student Team

Dr. Sara Bartlett Service Learning - Faculty
Kappa Alpha Theta

Greek Community Contribution

Educators of Color

Significant Contribution - Organization

Larisa Williams

Significant Contribution - Student

Oscar Velasco-Vargas AmeriCorps Member of the Year
Transitions-Mental Health Association - Growing Grounds Enterprises Outstanding Community Partner
Veterinary Community Service Enterprise Outstanding Campus-Community Collaboration


Name Honor
Samantha Bass Significant Contribution - Student 
Engineers Without Borders

Significant Contribution - Organization

Kappa Alpha Theta

Greek Community Contribution

Eric Veium

Significant Contribution - Staff

Leah Wood

Significant Contribution - Faculty

Joscelyn De La Torre AmeriCorps Member of the Year
The Cal Poly Cat Program Outstanding Campus-Community Collaboration


Name Honor
Gabriella Alvarez Significant Contribution - Student Team
Tayler Garis Significant Contribution - Student Team
Nicholas Herring Significant Contribution - Student Team
Nicolas Leachman Significant Contribution - Student Team
Samuel NIshi Significant Contribution - Student Team
American Medical Student Assoc.  Significant Contribution - Organization
Pre-Dental Society

Significant Contribution - Organization

Chi Omega

Greek Community Contribution

Kate Auslen

Significant Contribution - Staff

Unique Shaw-Smith

Significant Contribution - Faculty

Candace Winstead Service Learning - Faculty
Stacey White Service Learning - Faculty Team
Kent Macdonald Service Learning - Faculty Team
Ashley Priest AmeriCorps Member of the Year
Special Olympics Outstanding Community Partner


Name Honor
Danielle Taber Significant Contribution - Student
Emily Anderson & Clair Ruth Significant Contribution - Student Team
Alpha Phi Omega

Significant Contribution - Organization

Kimberly Marsalek

Significant Contribution - Staff

Kelle Brooks Service Learning - Faculty
Dennis Bashaw, Margaret Kirk, & Gregory Starzyk Service Learning - Faculty Team
Transitions-Mental Health Assoc. Outstanding Community Partner
Pacheco Elementary School and World Language & Cultures Outstanding Community Collaboration


Name Honor
Jessica Egan Significant Contribution, Student
Emily Liptow Significant Contribution, Staff
Katherine Chen Service Learning, Faculty
Newman Catholic Center Significant Contribution, Organization
Chi Omega Greek Community Contribution
Restorative Partners Outstanding Community Partner


Name Honor
Nicki Holm Significant Contribution, Student
Stephanie Ziegler Significant Contribution, Student
Noya Kansky

Significant Contribution, Staff

Philip Barlow & R. Troy Hart Service Learning - Faculty Team
Kappa Kappa Gamma Greek Community Contribution
One Cool Earth Outstanding Community Partner
Zeta Beta Tau & Jack's Helping Hand Outstanding Community Collaboration


Name Honor
Rebecca Brookes Significant Contribution, Student
Hayley Genoway Significant Contribution, Student
Matt Ritter Significant Contribution, Faculty
Chi Omega Greek Community Contribution
Phi Sigma Kappa Greek Community Contribution
Along Comes Hope Outstanding Community Partner


Name Honor
Sarah Ramirez Service Learning, Faculty
David Watts Service Learning, Faculty
Kristina Mai Significant Contribution, Student
Meaghan O’Meara Significant Contribution, Student
Engineers Without Borders - IMPACT Significant Contribution, Organization
Theta Chi Greek Community Contribution
United Cerebral Palsy - The Ranch Outstanding Community Partner


Name Honor
Marni Goldenberg Service Learning, Faculty
Laura Hall Service Learning, Faculty
Caitlin Fuller Significant Contribution, Student
Lauren Barnett Significant Contribution, Student
Alpha Chi Omega Greek Community Contribution
Nu Alpha Kappa Greek Community Contribution
Growing Grounds Outstanding Community Partner
Restorative Partners Outstanding Community Partner


Name Honor
SUSTAIN-SLO Service Learning, Student Group
Kevin Bezerra Service Learning, Student
Jessica Hernandez Significant Contribution, Student
Victoria Carranza Significant Contribution, Student
Allen Lu Service Learning, Student
El Camino Homeless Organization Outstanding Community Collaboration
Chi Omega Sorority Greek Community Contribution
Ann McDermott Significant Contribution, Faculty
Roslyn Caldwell Significant Contribution, Faculty
Jeff Jacobs Service Learning, Faculty


Name Honor
Molly Loberg Service Learning, Faculty
Kate Murphy Service Learning, Faculty
Megan Michels Service Learning, Student
Elise Tarrant Service Learning, Student
Ryan Anderson Service Learning, Staff
Paul Rogers Significant Student Contribution
Shauna Kimball Significant Student Contribution
Jody Weseman Significant Student Contribution
Stephen-Lloyd-Moffett Significant Faculty Contribution
Matt Ritter Significant Faculty Contribution
Sigma Nu Greek Community Contribution
Chi Omega Greek Community Contribution
Alpha Kappa Psi Greek Community Contribution
Pacheco Elementary School Outstanding Community Partner


Name Honor
David Gillette Significant Faculty Contribution
Thomas Fowler Significant Faculty Contribution
Lynne Slivovsky Significant Faculty Contribution
Grace Yeh Significant Faculty Contribution
Aydin Nazmi Significant Faculty Contribution
Hunter Francis Significant Staff Contribution
Boys & Girls Club of North County SLO Outstanding Community Partner
United Way Youth Board SLO Outstanding Community Partner
Alpha Epsilon Greek Community Contribution
Alpha Chi Omega Greek Community Contribution
Alpha Omicron Pi Greek Community Contribution
Lauren Herrera Significant Student Contribution
Cassidy Nicholls Significant Student Contribution
Cal Poly Lion Dance Team Significant Contribution, Student Organization


Name Honor
Jared Gamm Significant Student Contribution
Pedro Inzunza Arroyo Significant Student Contribution
Carrie Peck Significant Student Contribution
Josef Sanchez Significant Contribution, Student Organization
Daniel Galvan Significant Contribution, Student Organization
Chi Omega Greek Community Contribution
Sigma Nu Greek Community Contribution
Jane Lehr Significant Faculty Contribution
Jean Williams Significant Faculty Contribution
Lizabeth Schlemer Significant Faculty Contribution
Foodbank Coalition of SLO Outstanding Community Partner
Sexual Assault Recovery & Prevention Center Outstanding Community Partner
Bill Proll Significant Community Contribution


Name Honor
Brandon Styles Significant Community Contribution
Kara Callaway Significant Community Contribution
Chelsea Starr Significant Community Contribution
Kathy Chen Service Learning
Will Hughes Service Learning
Linda Vanasupa Service Learning
Trevor Harding Service Learning
Rich Savage Service Learning
Phil Barlow Service Learning
Brett Mullinax Service Learning
Karen Christian Service Learning
Tom Trice Service Learning
Pi Kappa Alpha Greek Community Contribution


Name Honor
Cara Press Significant Community Contribution
Megan Mastache Significant Community Contribution
Orfalea College of Business Significant Community Contribution
Lou Rosenberg Service Learning
Cynthia Moyer Service Learning
SLO Police Department Outstanding Community Service
Sexual Assault Recovery & Prevention Center Outstanding Community Contribution
Kara Edwall Cal Poly Promise Fellow
Suzy Becker Cal Poly Promise Fellow
Harmony Quismundo-Newman Cal Poly Promise Fellow
Kappa Alpha Theta Greek Community Contribution
Dave Smiley Lifetime Service Award


Name Honor
Val Barboza Significant Community Contribution
Charlotte Rinaldi-Zuniga Innovation in Service
Shawn Burn Significant Community Contribution
Kellie Frank Innovation in Service
Paul Goldberg Significant Community Contribution
Jaclyn Smith Outstanding Community Service
Andrea Bittick Outstanding Community Contribution
Growing Grounds Significant Community Partner
Kara Edwall Cal Poly Promise Fellow
Karla Quiroga Cal Poly Promise Fellow
Stephan Cohen Cal Poly Promise Fellow
Julia Sinclair-Palm Cal Poly Promise Fellow
Susan Duffy Innovation in Service
Central Coast Center for Arts Education Significant Community Contribution
Engineers Without Borders Innovation in Service
Pi Kappa Alpha Greek Community Contribution


Name Honor
Clare Battista Significant Community Contribution
Roya Javadpour Innovation in Service
Mario Migliore Tsunami Relief Project
Melanie Rhoads Tsunami Relief Project
Nina Truch Tsunami Relief Project
Eric Parkinson Tsunami Relief Project
Economic Opportunity Commission Outstanding Community Partner
Joshua Hardester Cal Poly Promise Fellow
Karla Quiroga Cal Poly Promise Fellow
Krysta Williams Cal Poly Promise Fellow
Maureen Lamb Cal Poly Chapter, Wheelchair Foundation
Associated Students, Inc. Officers Civic Engagement
Students in Free Enterprise Significant Contribution, Student Organization


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