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Applications for the 2024 half year service term is now open! 

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Partner Agencies

  • Non-profit and educational organizations located in San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara Counties are welcome to apply to host a VIP AmeriCorps member.
  • Agencies are selected based upon current need and compatibility of the agency's needs with the goals of the Volunteer Infrastructure Project.
  • Partner Agency recruitment is now open and will run through mid-July or until all spots are full - typically there are 15 partner sites in our region each term.
  • Agencies are required to submit a Host Site Application, Baseline Volunteer Capacity Assessment, and Supervisor Information Sheet. If you would like to further discuss becoming a host site, please email
  • All hosting agencies are required to pay a cost-share match of $26,000 for the full year term/$14,000 for half year term; the AmeriCorps Program covers all additional member expenses including the Education Award, health insurance, and professional development program.
  • Host Agencies must complete and sign a VIP Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) upon acceptance into the program.
  • Partner Agencies are required to assist in the recruitment of AmeriCorps Members for their site.


  • AmeriCorps is not a job; it is a paid service experience. AmeriCorps members are not employees of the agency; they are AmeriCorps members serving at a host site.
  • AmeriCorps offers an opportunity to gain professional development, experience, and the satisfaction that comes from helping others.
  • The positions focus on building the capacity of agencies by building and strengthening volunteer programs in community agencies and have a fundraising component.
  • AmeriCorps is an 11-month service commitment from August- June or a 6 month term commitment from January-June.
  • All positions are full-time (1700 hours/year or 900 hours/6 months).
  • Members receive a $2200/month living allowance, paid twice monthly in equal installments throughout the term of service.
  • Upon successful completion of AmeriCorps service, members become eligible for a $10,000 education award ($3447.5 for half year term) that can be used to pay for college, grad school, and some work training programs, or to repay outstanding student loans.
  • Members are eligible for health insurance and subsidized child-care for the length of their service term.
  • AmeriCorps members who begin service in 2010 or later, who are age 55 or older at the time they commence service, may, upon successful completion of a term of service, transfer the education award to a child, grandchild, or foster child.

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